Sporkman Goes to Japan  vol 1, 2, 3

What happens when Sporkman joins the Superhero Exchange Program? He ends up in Japan and possibly over his head as he finds himself pitted against the mysterious villian, Shogun Z in this 3 part mini series.

Written by Eric J Berry and Charles Bonetti
Illustrated by Gifny Richata. Colors by Ginger Foxy.

Each issue is 28-32 pages

- Color 1-3  (all three bundle)


- B&W 1-3 (all three bundle) 

Sporkman: Conventions

Follow Sporkman's hilarious adventure at the annual Galacti-Con Sci Fi Convention. Danger! Adventure! Comedy! Romance! Sporks! It's all here.

Written by Eric J Berry and Christopher Sylvia. Illustrated by Gifny Richata. Colors by JW Sims.

24 pages Color

Part spoon
Part fork
All hero
The Character
The Comic
Preview this issue!
Preview this issue!
Spearhead: zero

Following the events of Sporkman Goes to Japan, Spearhead: Zero is the beginning of a new manga influenced mini series featuring Natsume of Japan's Advanced Defense Force.

Written by Eric J Berry
Illustrated by Oray Studios

20 B&W pages