Sporkman Goes to Japan  vol 1, 2, 3

What happens when Sporkman joins the Superhero Exchange Program? He ends up in Japan and possibly over his head as he finds himself pitted against the mysterious villian, Shogun Z in this 3 part mini series.

Written by Eric J Berry and Charles Bonetti
Illustrated by Gifny Richata.

92 pages B&W

Sporkman: Conventions

Follow Sporkman's hilarious adventure at the annual Galacti-Con Sci Fi Convention. Danger! Adventure! Comedy! Romance! Sporks! It's all here.

Written by Eric J Berry and Christopher Sylvia. Illustrated by Gifny Richata.

28 pages B&W

Sporkman To the rescue!

This promotion mini issue features a day in the life of Sporkman.

Written by Eric J Berry and Christpher Sylvia.
Illustrated by Gifny Richata.

10 pages B&W


Only 3 copies left!  There are no plans for further printings as a single bound issue.
Want it Digital? This issue is available at ComixCentral  Get it in either B&W or the special full color version that also includes the promo issue Sporkman To The Rescue and other bonus content.
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