All kinds of crazy ideas can come about while staying up until four in the morning. Sporkman was one of those ideas.
As myself, Chris, and some other friends clung to consciousness early in the morning sometime back in 1997, our topic of conversation drifted to superheroes and super powers. We started to come up with the most ridiculous superheroes we could think of. Chris came up with the idea of Sporkman who had sporks for hands, mask, shoes, etc. He drew the first concept picture of Sporkman but none of us imagined it would lead to anything more.

   A couple years later, I decided to make a custom action figure of Sporkman. I took some creative license with the design, keeping what I thought was important; mainly the hands and mask. Again the character concept was a bit of an inside joke, nothing more.
Who is Sporkman?
by Eric J Berry
   Then, in October of 2004, I set out to make a Sporkman costume for the annual Halloween party my wife and I hold every year (thus making it annual!). I stuck very close to the design of the action figure with only a few changes. The "mask" became a more practical helmet and the spork hands became gauntlets attached to a pair of gloves. Everyone got a real kick out of the costume.

   In February of 2005, I entered a costume contest as Sporkman and the audience appreciation far exceeded anything I could have imagined. Everyone kept asking me, "When's the comic coming out?". At that point, we realized the potential interest in this character. We decided to kick into high gear on a comic that we debuted with great success at the following year's convention. Now here he is....part spoon...part fork...all hero. It's Sporkman!

   What does the future hold for Sporkman? Hopefully many more adventures, both within and outside the realm of comic books. We have many more stories we'd like to tell.
Part spoon
Part fork
All hero
The Character
The Comic