Style A    $10
Style B    $10
size and color
size and color
We are currently moving to more of an "inventory free" business model and much of our merchandise will be available through different online vendors. Check out our Redbubble store where you can get Sporkman shirts, mugs, cell phone cases, and more. The few items we still have stocked are found below.

We still have a very small inventory of tee shirts left in-house and have been deeply discounted.
What you will find in the drop down ordering buttons is all we currently have left.  Get either design pictured. Both styles have the website address on the back. Available in red and black. Note to international buyers: All Paypal purchase buttons are at a set price for shipping within the United States. If you are interesting in purchasing any merchandise that needs shipping outside of the U.S. please contact us for a price quote. Thank you!
The Character
The Comic
Available exclusively through our Patreon.
Posters 11 x 17"
Sporkman in Action!  $10
Nastume by Ginger Foxy  $10
Conventions cover  $10
Goes to Japan cover 1  $10
Goes to Japan cover 2  $10
Goes to Japan cover 3  $10
Nastume by Sam Shank  $10
Sporkman on r&w background  $10